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Tangible Hope Project Wins Best Documentary Series!

We’re incredibly proud to share that Tangible Hope Project took home the Best Documentary Series award from the Baltimore Next Media Web Festival 2020.

The webseries takes viewers 5,000 miles across America to feature individuals and organizations who are making their communities a better place to live. It captures a spirit of positive change and connection that uplifts voices that bring us together in common cause at a time when many Americans feel more isolated than ever.

Episode 1 takes us to North Carolina to meet two very different local nonprofits who are making the lives of youth in their small towns better.

In Episode 2 we travel to Greeneville, TN to meet with Rural Resources, an agricultural education center that is changing the world one seed at a time.

In Episode 3, we travel to Nashville, TN to get to know the city through the eyes of local activists, nonprofits, and volunteers who are helping to reshape the city to be more equitable to its citizens.

In our latest episode, we go to Birmingham, AL to hear a story about the greatest river that you’ve never heard of and how how local environmentalists, educators, breweries are rallying the entire community to protect it.

You can find out more about the series at


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