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Point of Departure

Point of Departure

Premiered in New York City

at Theatre for a New City

September 16th- 25th, 2011

Point of Departure takes an absurdist look into the security screenings, flight delays, business travelers, and other oddities of a day in the life of a post 9/11 airport terminal.   This highly physical, multimedia production mines the dark humor of today's airport experience. 


Point of Departure peeks into the wonder of taking flight, as the audience is taken on a joyride of modern dance, stimulating projections, and breath-taking aerial feats.


Point of Departure premiered at Theater for the New City in September 2011.

Created by: Johnson Chong*, Zoey Martinson*, MacKenzie Meehan*, Adam McNulty*, Gabe Levey*, Jonathan David Martin*, Court Wing

Set Design David Meyer

Costume Design Tilly Grimes

Lighting Design Gertjan Houben

Video Design Katy Scoggin

Sound Design Kortney Barber

PR/ Marketing Megan Kosmoski


Directed by Jonathan David Martin

Choreography by Zoey Martinson

Production Manager Katie Meister

Concept Jonathan David Martin, MacKenzie Meehan, Zoey Martinson

    *Members of Actors Equity

A highly physical, multimedia production that mines the dark humor of today's airport experience.

Review for Point of Departure

"It's such an entertaining, visceral experience that it's almost impossible to describe all of the fun, fascinating stage pictures created...The show is extremely well composed from top to bottom."  


Production Photos

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