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Welcome to the inaugural Smoke & Mirrors Collaborative Blog post. We’ve been meaning to get a blog started for a while now and traveling to amazing and far off locations like South Africa and mind-blowing arts happenings like the Edinburgh Fringe seemed like a good place to start.

A quick bit of info for anyone not already familiar with us or this tour:

This July and August we’re touring our award-winning play, Ndebele Funeral, around the country of South Africa—including a featured run at the National Arts Festival of South Africa—and a month of performances at Summerhall as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Scotland.

In these posts we’ll be sharing our experiences of being a tiny (but mighty) arts organization touring our work to the world’s largest festivals as well as the sights, sounds, and people that we encounter along the way.

I’m writing now on our first evening in Johannesburg, a little chilly from the night air of a South African winter night, and decidedly jet lagged. But, hey, we made it! (The fact that we almost missed our flight out of JFK because our set wouldn’t fit in the SUV hired to take us to the airport and that I almost buried Zoey underneath it all to make it fit will have to be a story for another day.)

Tomorrow, we’ll be up early for a line through and then our Cape Town based dramaturg, Ndumiso Khovana, will be taking us on a tour of Soweto and the Hector Pieterson Museum. After working on this play for six years it is surreal to finally get to see the place that I’ve been imaging with my actor’s imagination for so long.

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-Jonathan Martin

Co-Artistic Director

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