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Arts Education & Workshops


Both in New York City and on tour we seek out arts education partners to bring free theater making workshops to students.


More than just another arts education class, our arts and advocacy workshops invite students to engage with the current events that they are passionate about in their community.  We work with them to create something constructive, creative, and impactful out of issues they are affected with every day.



Smoke & Mirrors Collaborative is available to teach master classes on collaborative theater making to student groups of all ages.  We tailor our master classes to the needs of each individual group, always with the focus on the process of generating theater that is created through collaboration and research and that speaks to the world we live in. For enquiries, please visit our contact page.



Smoke & Mirrors Collaborative holds regular Ensemble Building and Performer Generated Theater workshops in New York City.  It’s when we get to train as a company and explore making material with new collaborators.  Each workshop is a little bit different, but always centers on how to build a sense of ensemble instantaneously and to generate "sketches"--short, quickly created scenes that are the raw material for crafting more fully fleshed out theater pieces.  Like our plays, our training sessions focus on telling stories that are personal, timely, and told in surprising ways.


The workshop is designed to be cross-disciplinary in nature, providing an opportunity for collaboration between dancers and actors, for directors and writers to experiment with performer-generated material, and for performing artists of all backgrounds to create in a collaborative fashion that transcends the hard and fast roles of performer, director/choreographer, and playwright. The workshops are open to performers and artists of all skill levels and backgrounds.


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