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Tangible Hope Project

A web-documentary chronicling the efforts of grassroots organizations and individuals across the United States who are working to make their communities better places to live.  SMC Co-Artistic Director, Jonathan David Martin, traveled 5,000 miles and across 11 states to find stories of the inspiring local movements that go unnoticed in our age of outrage. 


The Fisherman

Currently Streaming on HBO

An aging fisherman goes out to sea one day and returns with a talking fish. Set in Ghana West Africa, this quirky comedy explores our need to stay relevant against the backdrop of a developing nation.

Seventy-five year old fisherman Ataa Oko starts his day as usual on the dock in Ghana’s fishing village. With the net wrapped around his toes, the sea air blowing against his cheek, his hands mindlessly sewing the net. When he overhears a conversation by the younger fisherman he starts to question if his role in this developing country might be coming to an end. 

*HBO Short Film Awards at ABFF

*Official Selection of Diversity at Cannes 2020

*Nominated for Best Short, African Movie Academy Awards

*Programmer's Award, Best Short Narrative - Pan African Film Festival (Los Angeles, CA)

*Official Selection - Cinquest (San jose, CA), Bermuda International Film Festival, Durban International Film Festival, San Francisco Black Film Festival, Tide Film Festival, Encounters Film Festival, Black Star Film Festival and many more...


Currently Streaming on Aspire TV

Nick Morano has a comfortable desk job at the Department of Homeland Security monitoring immigration targets. When the Trump administration suddenly changes the game by declaring a war on immigration, Nick now must choose to work for this new system or against it.

LA OPOSICIÓN explores immigration policy under the new Trump administration. When officers for the Department of Homeland Security are ordered to aggressively monitor immigration targets in the USA, they start to question their own culpability in the new system.

*Grand Prize - March on Washington Film Festival

*Special Jury Award - Souq Festival, Italy

*Official Selection - Casa México, SXSW 2019


Inauguration Stories

#InaugurationStories2017 is a series of interviews conducted on Inauguration Day and the day after (during the Women’s March) in Washington, DC. Through this project, we hope to have captured a snapshot of our democracy in the midst of this historic weekend.


The inspiration for these interviews was our feeling that one of the factors fueling division in America is that so little dialogue occurs between people who think differently politically, socially, or economically in this country.  As we surround ourselves online and off with like-minded individuals and news sources, we rarely hear directly from people with contrasting opinions. 


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